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DDS Diamond Design Studios has a sharp focus on diamond jewellery of all types and specialises in bespoke Engagement rings and Wedding rings.

Matching wedding rings to engagement rings is a talent that requires a degree of artistic skill. The rings need to look like they were made for each other, with exact matching diamonds, the same colour and carat of gold, usually the same profile of band and the same setting style as the engagement ring. DDS excels at matching these pieces in every detail. Our customers are guided through all the options until the final perfect ring is drawn up and ultimately created.

DDS is a jewellery manufacturing studio, where most pieces are custom handmade by our extremely talented team of qualified jewellery manufacturers, designers and gemmologists, each with more than 25 years’ experience at the bench making a wide range of exquisite, bespoke jewellery. We are a highly skilled jewellery manufacturing team and we make a wide range of gold and platinum jewellery beyond wedding jewellery, including unique dress rings, earrings and designer pendants.

For special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, we can create beautiful pieces such as dress rings with diamonds and/or coloured gemstones and diamond or coloured stone earrings. Eternity rings, which are usually worn on the opposite side of the engagement ring from the wedding ring, symbolise an ever-lasting relationship. Maternity rings or gifts of jewellery may be given when a couple’s baby is born. Birthdays can be celebrated with the gift of fine and unique jewellery made by DDS. Whether it be a small piece, like a pendant with diamonds or coloured stones, or something more substantial, DDS has years of experience in design ideas and would be delighted to create something special for you.

DDS designers have been busy building a range of unique and contemporary silver rings, which are very much a fashion statement. Each one has a character of its own and is designed to give maximum impact. Coloured stones and cubic zirconia can be used in place of precious gems, making the finished piece very glam AND affordable.

Richard Moser and the DDS team are at the top of their field in jewellery design and customer service, which includes sitting down with customers to discuss what is important to them and what style of jewellery they are looking for. A consultation usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour, and we go through every aspect relating to the piece of jewellery in question.

DDS Diamond Design Studios sources diamonds directly from the cutting factories around the world, getting the best possible stones for the best price. There are many aspects to choosing a diamond and it is with a keen gemmologist’s eye and a life-time of buying experience that we are 100% confident in our ability to choose the perfect stones for their brightness and brilliance.

DDS also offers a CAD/Cast service for people who are budget conscious. 3D printing and using the lost wax process to cast a ring is a less expensive option for pieces that are complex and time consuming to hand make.

Remodelling of old rings is something we love to do at DDS. It is fun, creative and exciting to recycle old rings and gemstones to create something new and vibrant. Often there is much sentimentality involved and we enjoy working through the process to achieve what the customer ultimately wants in a newly designed piece.

Customers are assured ongoing maintenance and repairs of their rings as part of our Warranty. DDS also welcomes the public for repairs and restorations of tired, old or damaged pieces.

If there is anything DDS can do for you, please call on 8332 0707 any time of the day before 6pm.

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