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How is DDS unique?

DDS Diamond Design Studios has been making jewellery for over 40 years from the same location in Burnside. You will notice a difference immediately on arriving at our premises. The DDS studio showrooms and workshop are situated in a residential tree-lined street in tranquil surrounds. You will be greeted by our friendly staff and shown through the showroom and manufacturing workshop. We aim for the experience to be relaxing, informative and pleasurable. When you sit down with the DDS designer, you will be the only customer booked in at that time and you will have our full attention.


Quality is everything when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. After all, these are generally the only rings you wear every day for the rest of your life. At DDS, we use only the best quality materials, the highest palladium-rich, nickel free gold and the best quality Platinum in our manufactured pieces. The diamonds and other gems are sourced for their superior quality, clarity and cut, so your piece is guaranteed to have outstanding brilliance and last for generations.


Majority of our rings are made in the tried and tested handmade traditional way, making each component from solid gold (or other desired metal), rolling it out to the right thickness and using hammers and saws to create the desired shape. Most rings on the market are not custom handmade – they are cast. This means pouring gold into a mould and then breaking the mould open, so you have gold in the shape of a ring. The advantages of hand-made rings are they are stronger, more scratch resistant and have a perfect polish finish that will last longer. An excellent comparison is like the difference between an original, Japanese hand-forged sword, using quality metal and a Chinese mass production replica of a sword. The hand-forged sword will cut into a tree and keep a sharp edge, whereas the replica will just bend and wrap around the tree.


Rings can be bought off the shelf but hand-made rings are custom designed and tailored to your exact requirements. You are involved in the design process, guided through the process by our experts, to answer questions about the style, thickness of metal, heights and more, to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Award Winning Peace of Mind

The Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) awards are voted by the public (previous customers) for overall customer satisfaction. In 2016 DDS scored 99.96%! and holds the awards for ‘Best Bridal Ring Manufacturer in South Australia’ from 2012 – 2016.

In addition to this proof of excellence, DDS also took out the prestigious “Designer of Dreams” award, named “Best Bridal Ring Manufacturer in Australia’ for 2015 and 2016. DDS and the parent company W.B.Moser Pty Ltd has also won industry awards in South Australia for design and manufacturing excellence over the years.


We pride ourselves on personalised customer service and you are assured of individual one-on-one attention by the company designer or manufacturer. Your finished piece comes with a life-long free cleaning & polishing service to keep it looking beautiful and we offer our customers a 50% discount on Rhodium plating.


You will be pleasantly surprised by our competitive prices. As we are manufacturers selling direct to the public, we can offer better value for the highest quality product. DDS diamonds and gemstones are sourced directly from the cutting factories and all come with genuine certifications.


All DDS jewellery is unconditionally guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for life and will be replaced or repaired upon assessment. Cover does not extend to loss, theft or damage by “Accident”, “Negligence” and “Fair Wear and Tear”.

South Australian owned and operated

Dealing with a 2nd generation family company that has been manufacturing jewellery for over 65 years gives you further peace of mind with regard to authenticity, workmanship and warranty security.

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