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Bridal Jewellery Protocol

There are many bridal party gifts that are exchanged on the wedding day.

A question that comes up every week is “What can the groom buy for his bride for the wedding day”? You can never go wrong with diamond jewellery because it is romantic, makes a woman feel special and it sparkles. Consider what she likes and what she might wear. If the gift is a surprise, it may not be worn for the ceremony but it could be given before, during or after the wedding, or possibly even on the wedding night. Here are a few suggestions.

The first choice is earrings. As the bride has already received an engagement ring and a wedding ring, a matching pair of earrings is an ideal gift. The most popular style are single Round Cut diamond earrings, which can be made into studs or drop earrings. They are classical, elegant and under-stated so very adaptable and wearable.  Halo-style earrings with a centre stone and smaller surrounding diamonds increase the overall look without blowing out too far on the budget.

Pendants also make great gifts and come in a vast range of styles adaptable to suit the wearer. They can be the simplest 4 claw solitaire pendant, like the solitaire ring and solitaire earrings, or the slightly larger halo style setting. There are diamond trilogy pendants, where 3 diamonds hang in a row or a cluster. There are Infinity diamond pendants, Circle of Love diamond pendants, Initial pendants, and the list goes on.

A most unexpected gesture on the wedding night could be the gift of an eternity ring. These are usually given on an anniversary, but always work well as a romantic surprise on the wedding night. It is an easy option as the eternity ring is usually a duplicate of the wedding ring.

The bride may like to give a gift to the groom and it would often be something he could wear on the wedding day. The present could be a pair of gold cufflinks with a meaningful engraving, a simple dress ring, an engraved pendant or possibly a watch, depending on what he likes.

The bride and groom often give presents to their bridal party, either to be worn on the day or as a memento. Bridal party gifts need not cost a great deal, but should be meaningful – something that symbolizes your relationship with your selected few. For the bridesmaids, a necklace, earrings, pearls or a dress ring would be suitable and always treasured. For the groomsmen, cufflinks or tie-pins are an obvious choice that could be worn on the wedding day.

It is not uncommon for parents and in-laws to be given gifts on the wedding day. Small gifts of jewellery to mark the special day and show your appreciation stand the test of time and will be treasured forever.

There is an endless number of bridal gifts that can be exchanged, but jewellery is something that has great meaning and will last a life time with the memory lasting as long.

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