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Direct Diamond Sales – Keeping Costs Down

DDS Diamond Design Studios was formerly known as DDS Direct Diamond Sales because we specialise in bringing our customers the best diamonds in the world at the best prices. DDS has long-standing relationships with the largest diamond cutting factories around the world, so our diamonds are sourced directly from these factories, which hugely reflects the end price of our diamond rings.

DDS also has exceptionally competitive prices due to a number of other factors. For example, DDS does not pay retail shop rent, so the savings are reflected in our pricing structure. We have our studio workshop and showrooms in Burnside, South Australia, a stunning residential area, designed to be private, discrete, and relaxing – very different from the normal retail shops – and our savings are passed on to our customers. We have hundreds of engagement and wedding ring designs, as well as other jewellery, to try on and discuss.

DDS has the highest quality manufacturing standards and uses only the best quality golds and Platinum.  As all our diamond rings are manufactured on site – and not being made by a third party – costs are significantly reduced. Furthermore, we have full flexibility with design, which means you get the ring you want at an affordable price.

Precious metals become harder when “worked” by hand to produce a ring. They will scratch less and bend less and last much, much longer. This process usually demands a premium price, but because DDS does it all in-house and has relatively low overheads, the hand-manufacturing often works out to be a similar price or less than a mass production, cast item bought in a normal retail outlet.     

DDS deals directly with suppliers of raw materials and creates the highest quality end product especially for you. We care more about customer service and satisfaction than about inflated prices and company profits, and our pricing is set accordingly.  We prefer to make our customers happy than look for ways to cut corners. The DDS motto is “DDS Diamond Design Studios – your diamond jeweller for life”, which comes down to the quality of our product, the quality of our service and value for money.  DDS strives to excel in these three key areas of business, and has been awarded multiple times for its efforts in this regard.

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