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DDS Silver Ring Collection

DDS Diamond Design Studios usually deals exclusively in natural diamonds, precious metals and manufacturing high quality diamond jewellery. However, the DDS Silver Ring Collection is a contemporary design range which is fun and easy to wear and makes for a relatively inexpensive fashion statement that can be worn anytime, anywhere as a casual option.

Many hours are spent designing the pieces and our designers have a lifetime of experience. Once they are completely satisfied with a new concept, the design is refined to enable its manufacture. Often incorporating large stones into bold designs, the metal used is the highest-grade 925 Sterling Silver, with rhodium plating over the surface to prevent tarnishing or oxidization. The stones are usually Cubic Zirconia of the highest quality and cut. They are a diamond simulant with a very similar look to a diamond, and perfect for these types of pieces and price range. Many of the stones used in the DDS Silver Ring Collection are not round like most engagement rings.  Due to their free-flowing designs, any shaped stone may be used including Ovals, Marquise, Pear shapes, Trilliant cuts and other more unusual shapes.

Rings from the DDS Silver Ring Collection are perfect for birthdays or Christmas presents. They are unique, affordable designs and all rings in the collection are tailor-made for the perfect finger size. They are treated with the same amount of care as our premium quality gold and diamond rings for which DDS is renowned. Pieces from our Silver Ring Collection come with a complimentary life-time cleaning service and we recommend coming into the DDS Studios for a ½ price Rhodium plating annually.

We hope you like our new collection of Silver rings. Please call DDS Diamond Design Studios when you are looking for a piece of Designer jewellery at a very affordable price.

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