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Cleaning Your Jewellery

Gold and diamond jewellery in general can be cleaned in warm soapy water using a soft toothbrush, which removes grease, dust and grime that gets into the spaces and gaps around the stones. The main reason a ring looks dirty and the diamonds or gemstones don’t sparkle is the dirt that remains underneath the stones when only the surface is cleaned.

DDS Diamond Design Studios customers receive a rouge-impregnated polishing cloth which, with regular use, maintains a high polish on their rings and other jewellery. We advise customers that 18ct gold or Platinum does not flake or corrode, but it is not indestructible. Rings should be taken care of and preferably taken off when gardening and doing rough work where they may be damaged.

When wearing your jewellery, the diamonds and gems can sometimes work their way loose but still be held in place by the grime, which acts as a soft glue. When cleaning your jewellery, you will be removing the grime and there is a chance that the stones could fall out. Therefore, always use a bowl of water to clean your jewellery, not the sink. Before emptying the bowl check the jewellery to make sure no stones have fallen out into the water.

Once you have cleaned, rinsed and thoroughly dried your piece of jewellery, you can check if diamonds are loose by shaking the jewellery close to your ear, listening for a very soft rattling sound. If you have a loose stone you should be able to hear it and it will need to be tightened by a qualified manufacturing jeweller.

Your piece of jewellery should now be gleaming again with new sparkle!

Some gemstones are relatively ‘soft’ and some are quite absorbent. The gemstones to be especially careful with are pearls, coral, turquoise, opal and amber. When cleaning, use water with a small amount of soap, but do not clean too vigorously so as not to scratch them and don’t leave them soaking in water. Dry them straight away. It is also a good idea to store them where they will not be scratched.

Once a year, it is a great idea to get your rings professionally cleaned, polished and re-rhodium plated if it is white gold. If they are made by DDS Diamonds, we have a free life time cleaning service and offer rhodium plating at half price for DDS rings.

Please call DDS Diamond Design Studios and make an appointment to come in for this free service on rings made by DDS.

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