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DDS Diamond Design Studios recognises that the world is not just all about diamonds and beautiful jewellery. Unfortunately there are many important issues that cannot be ignored – from world hunger to global water security to local underprivileged and disenfranchised youth. In light of this, DDS supports many worthwhile charities which do great work both locally and internationally. These include Epilepsy Australia, World Hunger Relief, Water Aid, Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, Autism SA and Youth Opportunities. DDS has donated prizes, including beautiful diamond rings, to be used for raffles, silent auctions and door prizes at their fund-raising Gala events.

Epilepsy Australia

Epilepsy Australia is a great organisation raising funds to help support people with epilepsy. People who are diagnosed with Epilepsy generally have ongoing seizures over time. Whereas if someone experiences only one isolated seizure, it may not signify this condition. However, about half the number people who do experience a seizure will continue to have seizures over time. Of these, roughly 70% can control the seizures with medication. This is where Epilepsy Australia helps, with funding for medicines and ongoing care which means so much to so many sufferers and their carers.

DDS donated a Diamond Engagement ring to Epilepsy Australia, to be raffled off at their Gala ball, the last three years. It was the main prize for the night and Richard Moser, the Managing Director of DDS attended the events, going around to each table, showing the ring and selling tickets to raise money for the charity.   

World Hunger Relief

Another great organisation we help is World Hunger Relief – affiliated with the United Nations World Food Programme – which is working to alleviate hunger around the world. Through their “From Hunger to Hope” campaign, over 460 million meals having been provided to those in need.

DDS donated a 5 Diamond Engagement ring to this charity, raffling off the ring at their biggest Black Tie Ball. It was once again the main prize for the night and Richard helped by going around to each table, displaying the ring in a box with a light, selling tickets to help raise money for this vital charity.  

Water Aid

Water Aid is another essential organisation doing great work in the field of water quality.  Around 315,000 children perish annually from diarrhea and related diseases which is caused by exposure to unclean water and poor sanitation. That’s more than 800 children every day. This international charity assists in this crisis on many fronts, from working with local people to deliver services to talking with decision-makers to create change and generating support all over the world.  Clean water and safe sanitation improves health, making education and sustaining a livelihood possible.

Water Aid’s work helps millions of people every year and we are very happy to be involved in this critical endeavor. Their Gala Balls are quite large and well attended. The stunning diamond ring we donated raised in the area of $10,000 for the charity in just one night! A huge success that makes a difference to so many lives.

Flinders Medical Centre Foundation

The Flinders Medical Centre Foundation supports a dedicated staff of 3,500 medical personnel and 400 researchers whose commitment and passion is saving lives every day at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) through adopting best-practice methodology and pioneering research.

We support the FMC who has the international reputation of being one of Australia’s finest public teaching hospitals and centre for research excellence. They give assistance to people Australia-wide, from the far north to the far south.

The Foundation has donated over $60 million to fund grants, scholarships and research equipment. It has made possible renovations of the wards and procurement of new and improved apparatus within the hospital. Support like ours helps finance new and on-going study in the field of medicine and secure up-to-date expertise and equipment, which returns benefits directly to patients.

DDS Diamond Design Studios donated diamond engagement ring cleaning vouchers and other free services as part of the raffles for their main fund raising events. 

Autism SA

DDS supports Autism SAa society that helps people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder to get the most they can out of life. Their aim is to improve life outcomes for people with Autism by providing the best information, strong connections, expertise, education and support with a strong representative voice.

For this charity DDS donated a beautiful Pearl Necklace – an elegant strand of white 11mm round Pearls – to auction off at their major Black Tie ball. The successful bidder was delighted with the pearls and Autism SA raised good money for the charity.  

Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities is another great initiative, whose Mission it is to provide young South Australians with the skills and the attitudes they need to create confidence, build motivation and the support to become integrated and successful individuals.

Once again, DDS donated a gorgeous Diamond ring and sold tickets in a Raffle for their gala night.


DDS continues to support charities and organisations that are doing their best to help people all over the world who are struggling.  We trust the little bit we do contributes in some way to making the world a safer, happier, and healthier place.

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