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Jewellery Repairs in Adelaide

repairing jewellery - adelaide australia

Are you in need of professional jewellery repair service in Adelaide? Look no further than DSS Jewellery Repair, your trusted destination for all your jewelry repair needs.

Handmade jewellery rarely needs repair because the gold is work-hardened and more durable, but occasionally some damage occurs which does require a simple repair.  

Repairs to jewellery made by DDS can usually be done quickly and easily, sometimes with a same day or next day service. This is because nearly all jewellery designed and created by DDS is handmade, so the gold is of the finest quality and not contaminated with added ingredients (like in the casting process).  Also, the gemstones used are of exceptional quality, without undisclosed treatments, making them harder and less likely to crack.

Repairs to DDS jewellery are therefore relatively straight-forward and trouble free. DDS rings can be dismantled, settings can be replaced and bands can be replaced if they have worn away.

Repairs to low grade, cast jewellery are more difficult because the gold quality is inferior, with additives that help with the casting process. These additives make the gold brittle and prone to cracking. Because cast products are made in one solid piece they cannot be dismantled, so damaged pieces must be cut off and new pieces need to be very gently soldered on. Soldering low quality gold is risky because it warps out of shape and can even melt without warning. In this case the piece may no longer be repairable. Therefore, if the ring is under warranty, many of the chain stores that sell Indian and Asian mass-produced diamond rings prefer to replace the piece rather than try to repair it. Unfortunately, if the ring is not under warranty, they may not replace it and if it cannot be repaired, the only option is to buy a new ring. 

At DDS Diamond Design Studios, we do repairs on outside rings if necessary, but first we advise and prefer the customer to return the piece of jewellery to the place of purchase when repairs or adjustments are required. The main reason for this is that the jewellery retailer should know what method of production was used and what quality of gold and gemstones was used.

DDS Diamond Design Studios also has a state-of-the-art laser welder for very delicate or more difficult repairs which cannot be done in the traditional way. This welding procedure is very precise to a pin point and there is very little heat used, so the chance of surrounding damage is reduced greatly.

Quality jewellery repairs can only be done by expert goldsmiths who are experienced in detailed hand manufacturing, so the repairs are invisible. You know you have a top-quality jewellery repair when the piece of jewellery has been repaired and looks like new again. 

Don’t let damaged jewelry sit unworn or forgotten in your drawer any longer. Visit DSS Diamond Design Studios Jewellery Repair today and let us breathe new life into your beloved pieces. Experience the difference that our expert craftsmanship can make – because your jewelry deserves nothing less than perfection.

Contact us now or visit our website for more information about our jewelry repair services. Trust DSS Diamond Design Studios Jewellery Repair for all your precious repairs – we’ll bring back the sparkle!

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