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Jewellery Designer Collections

Every ring pictured in our designer collections has been designeda and custom made by DDS Diamond Design Studios for our customers (with the exception of the men’s collection). We have hundreds of designs at our studio showroom in Burnside, South Australia for you to view and try on in person. Please feel free to browse our jewellery collection and consider your own design and together we can come up with your dream ring.

We are making new rings all the time so our collection of designs grows daily. Your special ring will be made-to-order, and as our collection illustrates, there are infinite variations to choose from. For example, every ring pictured can be made in Platinum, 18ct White gold or 18ct Yellow gold; the size and grade of diamonds and coloured stones can be changed according to your desires and budget and the design possibilities are endless.

After choosing the Type of jewellery you are looking for, the next consideration is the Shape or Cut of the stone. That is, whether you want a Round diamond or a square Princess cut diamond or Cushion cut, a Pear shape, Heart shape, Marquise or Oval cut diamond. Once you have decided on the cut of the stone, the next question is what do you want to do with it?

In terms of Setting, do you want a “Solitaire” Diamond ring (featuring a single stone only) or a “Halo” design, where the centre diamond has diamonds circling around the outside? Alternatively, you could have a three or five stone ring, where the diamonds run in a row with the largest diamond sitting in the middle and two or four side-diamonds tapering down in size. Other styles include “Cluster”, Split Band, Double/Triple Row, and “Diamonds down the side” (also known as “Shoulder diamonds”).

An important consideration is the Style or overall feel of the ring. For example, do you prefer a Classical, more traditional style ring which is very simple, or a more detailed Vintage Style? Would you choose a Contemporary Style engagement ring with a heavier, bold look or something finer and more dainty? Perhaps you love the Art Deco Style with its square, symmetrical lines. It’s all down to personal taste.

Your options also include the question of what metal to use. Do you want the ring setting and band to be made in white, yellow, rose gold or Platinum, or a combination of two? If you like a combination or “two-tone” ring, usually the setting that holds the diamond(s) is white gold and the band is yellow or rose gold. All rings pictured can be made in any combination of precious metals.

The design possibilities are virtually endless. DDS specialises in catering to your desires and budget. One of the main things to think about throughout the whole process is the size of the diamond(s) you want to use and the amount you wish to invest, on what will possibly be the most important ring you will ever design and purchase.

Please continue to read through this section of ring and jewellery types, or skip straight to our extensive collection of completed jewellery.

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