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How to Buy a Diamond

The question of how to buy a diamond can be daunting and challenging when you are treading new ground.

The first thing to do when looking for a diamond is work out your approximate budget. Diamond engagement rings made by DDS vary in price from around $3000 to $30,000 or more. Another way to decide on a diamond is to look at the actual stone sizes and work out what you like and what size works best for you. Then we look at costings for the size you like in different diamond grades, as there are so many variables.

A question often asked is how much do you need to spend on an engagement ring?  My usual response is how much would you like to spend? As mentioned previously, it may be best to look at diamond sizes and then look at corresponding prices. Most women are fairly realistic when it comes to a budget. They know what is feasible and what isn’t and that you can only do your best at the time of purchase. But buying an engagement ring is not something you do every few years. My suggestion is to save some money before purchasing because she will be wearing it for a life-time.

Many people also ask how to get the best value for money when buying a diamond. As a rule, the stone should be “clean to the eye”. This means when you look closely at the stone with the naked eye, you cannot see any marks, spots, cracks or anything that detracts from the overall beauty of the diamond. To get the best diamond for your money, if you cannot see any inclusions and impurities in the stone, and you are happy with the size, you won’t have to go any higher in clarity or price.

DDS Diamond Design Studios offers finance through a loan company whereby the customer can receive totally interest-free funds for six months. This helps many people get through the short term cash-flow issue and make payments over a six month period, taking their ring home in the meantime.

The “colour” of a diamond is another factor that influences the look of the stone and also the price. The best colour is D, then E, F, G, H etc. D colour is the whitest of all, but to the naked eye, it is actually very difficult to see the difference between a D colour and an F colour. The next colour down is G, which is also very popular because it is still in the white spectrum.  Diamonds look more yellowish as the colour grade goes down.

DDS Diamond Design Studios manufactures jewellery using only high quality diamonds that we purchase from reputable companies, generally from the cutting factories themselves. We cannot set diamonds in a ring unless they are stones that we have sourced, as we know exactly where they come from. Only then can we ensure that it is a real, natural diamond and that there is no chance of it being a conflict (blood) diamond. We also insure our diamonds all the way from the source to the finished ring against damage and loss, which we can only do with diamonds we have bought.     

Please talk to DDS about the ring you like and the amount you want to spend. We will help you sort out the details, take the worry out of your purchase and ensure a satisfying result.

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