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dds diamonds company history

The DDS Diamond Design Studios History

DDS Diamond Design Studios

In 1988 Richard Moser (Managing Director of DDS) entered the family business, learning all aspects of the jewellery trade from the ground up, including manufacturing, gemstone cutting and export sales. Having studied both Design and Gemmology, and working alongside his father, Bruno, Richard gradually took over the designing and marketing sides of the business. 

In about 2000, on returning from Japan, Richard began developing the DDS brand with a focus on selling top quality diamond rings at affordable prices. We are now leaders in the industry of hand-made Bridal & Engagement rings.

2015 was a very exciting year for our company. We re-badged our brand (formerly DDS Direct Diamond Sales Co) giving it a newer, slicker look and a new name – DDS Diamond Design Studios – which we believe more accurately reflects what we do at our studio workshop in Burnside, South Australia.

The other major highlight in 2015 was winning the National industry award for Best Ring Manufacturer in Australia! We also won our 5th consecutive award for “Best Bridal Rings” in South Australia.

Moser Jewellery – A Family Business

After 50 years selling their gemstone carvings and jewellery internationally, Bruno and Richard Moser are now also focusing on the Australian Market

Jewellery World Magazine 2011

The tradition of jewellery in the Moser family started with Bruno Moser, who studied art and jewellery making in Switzerland in 1944. Once finishing his jewellery and art studies, Bruno worked as an apprentice for a high-end jewellery manufacturer in Basel.

After four years of jewellery making in Switzerland, Bruno emigrated to Australia with neither money nor the English language. The only things he knew he could trust were his drawing skills and his love for making jewellery. Without speaking English, he was still able to communicate to jewellery customers by designing what they wanted.  Some of these designs are shown here.

Bruno worked in Sydney for one of the top jewellery companies before opening his own jewellery manufacturing company. He had a love for sculpture and gem carving, so when the chance arose to travel to the opal fields of South Australia, he could not refuse. Immediately, opals became a big part of Bruno’s life. He began cutting and carving the precious gemstone into beautiful free-flowing forms, setting them into jewellery and travelling to Europe and Asia to create a market for these unique pieces.

Switzerland and Germany were good markets but Japan became the major market due to the Japanese people’s love for the multi-coloured Opal. Later, Bruno’s son Richard lived in Japan, marketing Moser Jewellery and taking care of their valued customers.

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