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How to choose the perfect Wedding Ring for your Engagement Ring

When thinking about buying an engagement ring you may also consider the question, “How do I choose the perfect Wedding Ring for my Engagement Ring?” As engagement rings are generally designed and made first, there should be some thought given to the wedding ring also, at that time. Because a lot of women prefer a straight wedding band that sits flush up against the engagement ring, it (the engagement ring) must be designed, from the outset, in such a way to accommodate that.  


Alternatively, engagement rings with more complex shapes can have the wedding ring designed and shaped to fit around it. Here at DDS we meticulously follow the shape of the engagement ring with the wedding ring material. Once they fit snuggly together the wedding ring can be finished as a plain ring or further set with diamonds to match those in the engagement ring. This shaping and matching process requires the skills of true, craftsmen jewellers and hand-making the rings from the start is the best way to achieve the perfectly matching engagement and wedding rings. 

– Richard Moser

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