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Getting the Ring Style She Wants

Engagement rings are a broad topic, which can be broken down into sections. Here are just a few.  

One of the first things to think about, when choosing an engagement ring, is the ring setting style. 

Ring Setting Style

The simplest and  most popular engagement rings  in the world are solitaire diamond rings. They are made with a diamond held by a gold or platinum setting, which is securely attached to a plain gold or platinum band. This style has been manufactured for centuries in slightly different ways, but the final result is often quite similar when viewed from the top.  

The next most common style is the Halo setting diamond ring. The centre stone has a surround of diamonds called a halo. This design creates a larger look without too much more expense. Diamonds may then be also set in the band, or the band can be left plain. The surrounding halo diamonds could be quite small, creating a fine accent of diamonds to enhance the overall appearance, or the surround stones may be larger to create a rich, bold look.  

There are a huge number of engagement ring designs here at DDS Diamonds, all varying and ultimately tailor made to meet the customers’ wishes. 

Adelaide diamond - Ring manufacturer adelaide

The Adelaide diamond industry is quite diverse, ranging from your standard retail jewellery store, to companies that hand-craft diamond rings, carefully selecting specific diamonds for each customer. Contrary to popular belief, custom-made jewellery can often be less expensive and of far better quality than your standard retail jewellery store. 

The best ring manufacturer in Adelaide is one who designs and hand makes a unique piece of jewellery specifically for each customer. This is called fine jewellery manufacturing – the rings are hand-forged using rolling mills and hammers, which work-hardens the gold as the ring is being made. Furthermore, the best quality diamonds are incorporated into these beautifully created unique designs.  

This is in comparison to making cast rings, where gold is simply poured into a mould whilst the molten gold is extremely hot and therefore in an expanded state. The mould is then broken open and the gold, which has cooled quickly, is now in the shape of a ring.   

Cast rings are much lighter in weight when compared to a handmade ring, because cast gold is not work-hardened in any way. Given these facts, hand-making a ring is preferrable in most cases. However, sometimes when designs are very complex, the time required can become cost prohibitive, which is when casting could be a better option.    

Adelaide diamond ring manufacturers

Diamond ring manufacturers in Adelaide should have a wide range of engagement ring designs to suit most customers. DDS Diamond Design Studios has over 200 designs to look at and try on and the diamonds are carefully selected from 1000’s of stones coming directly from three of the largest diamond cutting factories in the world. 

art of jewellery remodelling - DDS Diamonds

Jewellery Remodelling

A specialist service that DDS jewellery manufacturers in Adelaide offer is the art of jewellery remodelling. DDS, custom made jewellery manufacturers in Adelaide, remodel old rings into beautiful new pieces. For us at DDS Diamonds, it is a matter of sitting down with the customer, looking at what  materials from the old rings can be re-used, and creating a design that the customer will love. Jewellery remodelling in Adelaide can only be done by qualified & experienced jewellery manufacturers like DDS. 

As DDS is a handmade jewellery specialist in Adelaide, we also offer jewellery repairs and rhodium plating.  

Please come and visit Richard Moser at DDS Diamond Design Studios if you are wanting a quality piece of jewellery made at an exceptionally good price. 

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