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Diamond wedding rings for women

Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

When choosing a diamond wedding ring, women today are presented with a diverse array of styles, each offering unique charm and elegance. Among these, oval diamond wedding rings stand out for their timeless beauty and ability to elongate the finger, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. The oval cut’s brilliance and fire make it a popular choice for brides seeking a blend of classic and contemporary styles.  For those who like a minimalist look, diamond wedding bands in white gold are a perfect choice. The sleek, modern appearance of white gold complements the sparkling diamonds, creating a harmonious yet dazzling effect. These bands are ideal for women who appreciate both subtlety and grace in their jewellery.  Marquise diamond wedding rings are another exquisite option, characterized by their boat shape with pointed ends, which create a dramatic and luxurious appearance. The unique cut of the marquise shape maximizes the diamond’s carat weight, giving it a larger appearance. This style is perfect for brides looking to make a bold statement with their wedding ring.  Baguette diamond wedding rings offer a different kind of allure with their rectangular shape and step-cut facets. These diamonds exude a vintage charm and are often used as

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Is It Possible To Design An Engagement Ring Without Prongs?

We get it. When you’ve invested a lot of money in a diamond ring you want to see every single facet of it. So, is it possible to design an engagement ring without claws?  The answer is… Yes! Of course! Here a few different setting options we use at DDS Diamonds to achieve that floating diamond effect for you to consider. SUSPENSION SETTING Suspension set rings, aptly known as Tension set rings, are named as such because the centre diamond is held in place by the tension of the band either side. Imagine you have a plain gold ring that you cut through on one side and try to pull  apart. Now here’s where it gets tricky. If the ring is too thin, you may be able to pull it apart, in which case, the metal  is not strong enough to have a  tension setting. It will only work well when the gold is thick and strong enough that when a vice pulls the ring apart, a stone can be placed in the gap and the metal springs back and holds the stone tight. Whilst beautiful, problems with suspension set rings arise when the gold is too thin or soft and doesn’t spring back after being

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Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

You’re totally in love and thinking about buying an Engagement Ring and asking the big question. But before you do, take a breath because there’s a few important things to consider when making such an investment. You want your future fiancée to be happy, to love the ring and ultimately, to say “yes”! Here are some tips to make your mission easier…. STYLE Focus on your partner’s style and suss out what they wear. Do they cover themselves in bling from head-to-toe? Do they swoon over beautiful, unique antique pieces? Perhaps they are into something a little more classically elegant? Whatever their style, it’s important you get it right, because this ring will be worn for a lifetime!!! METAL The chosen metal for an Engagement Ring is a big consideration. You need to consider the individual and whether they have any skin allergies or irritations. Another thing to consider is the colour they would normally wear, think warmer colours like yellow and rose gold vs cooler colours like white gold and Platinum. It’s important to choose a colour that your partner will want to wear every day, so the quality of the metal needs to be durable. Platinum (which is

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