Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


Engagement Rings - Cushion Cuts

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are very popular amongst people who are looking for something a little different. It’s unlike the classical Round Brilliant cut, and differs from the rigid, straight-lined design of a Princess cut. Nevertheless, it has a beautiful symmetry and finish and looks exquisite when set into a diamond ring.

The design of the Cushion cut diamond has advanced in recent years, compared to it original design which was known as the “Old Mine” cut.

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Lauren Cushion Cut Diamond

Danielle Cushion Cut

Louise Cushion Cut Diamond

Victoria Cushion Cut

Bethany Cushion Diamond

Alex Cushion Cut

Hayley Pink Diamond

Lia Cushion Cut

Jade Yellow

Rieko Cushion Cut Diamond


Emily Cushion Cut Diamond Cluster

Rose Pink Tourmaline

Liz Cushion Cut

Cushion & Yellow Diamond Cluster

Alicia Cushion Cut Diamond

Jessica Cushion Cut


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