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Is a handmade or cast engagement ring better value?

Handmade and cast engagement rings are two distinct methods of creating rings, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the quality of gold, both types of rings can be made from high-quality gold. However, the process of crafting a ring by hand often results in a more consistent and higher quality of gold than that produced through casting.


When it comes to durability, handmade engagement rings tend to be stronger and more durable than cast rings. This is due to the fact that handmade rings are created by drawing out gold, then the gold is bent and hammered by skilled craftsmen who pay close attention to detail, whereas cast rings are often mass-produced by pouring molten gold into a mould and may not receive the same level of attention to detail.


Ease of repair is another factor that distinguishes handcrafted from cast engagement rings. Handmade rings are typically easier to repair as the gold is usually more dense and the craftsman who created the ring can often repair it themselves. Cast rings, on the other hand, can melt in the repair process and may require a specialist for repairs, which can be more time-consuming and expensive.

handmade vs cast engagement ring


The quality of the polish is another key factor that sets handcrafted and cast engagement rings apart. Handmade rings are often polished to a higher standard than cast rings, as the gold is generally harder and more uniform, resulting in a smoother, shinier and more lustrous finish. The craftsman is able to take their time to carefully polish each ring, resulting in a higher level of quality than that achievable through mass-production techniques.


In terms of overall appearance, handmade engagement rings tend to be more unique and distinctive than cast rings. The craftsman can create a ring that is tailored to the customer’s specific preferences and requirements, whereas cast rings are often more generic and uniform.

Handmade engagement rings are often more expensive than cast rings due to the time, skill and expertise required to create them. However, many customers are willing to pay the premium price for a handmade engagement ring due to the higher level of quality, durability, and uniqueness that it offers.

Handmade or Cast?

The choice between a handmade and a cast engagement ring comes down to personal preference, budget, and the specific qualities that are important to the customer, such as quality of gold, durability, ease of repair, and quality of polish. Whether you choose a handcrafted or cast engagement ring, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturing jeweller who can provide you with a high-quality ring that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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