“What can I do with my old jewellery?”

Many people own jewellery they do not like and/or wear anymore. This unloved jewellery can be redesigned and remodelled into something new and original.

How does the process work?

The process starts by bringing all the pieces of old or out-dated jewellery into our studio. This may include old broken rings, rings that don’t fit anymore, rings that are no longer meaningful or other jewellery. Gold and sometimes precious stones or gems that have been collected over the years can also become part of your new piece.

Our highly experienced gemmologists and talented designers sit down with you and go through everything in detail, looking at what is usable and what is not. Everything that is usable is recorded, including stone sizes and gold weights. We can then design something that uses as many of the stones as possible.

The gold is inspected to see if it can be melted down and reused, or if it needs to be refined and therefore cashed in. This dollar amount for the gold is calculated at the daily rate and deducted from the cost of the remodelling.

Drawing the design is next, starting off with quick sketches and resulting in something the customer loves, which also complements what they already have. At DDS we have a large stock of sample jewellery and designs to assist with this creative process. It is often surprising how quickly a design starts to take shape. We go into increasing detail until the design is accomplished and the customer is completely satisfied.

The process of remodelling is very fulfilling for the customer and also for us. Our clients are amazed at what can be made from unwanted pieces, which is most gratifying.

How long does it take to remodel a ring?

The design process usually takes one meeting. With our very experienced and creative designers the initial design process usually takes around 45 minutes. Once the new concept has been agreed upon, the details of the design are verified and then completed.

The manufacturing time will vary depending on the complexity of the design and what is involved. DDS asks for a total manufacturing time of 6 weeks if possible (there is some flexibility with this time frame). This allows time to source anything extra that the design may call for, the manufacturing process, expert stone setting and the finishing of the piece.

Can you remodel any ring?

Yes. Diamonds and gemstones can be taken out of existing jewellery, and gold can be either reused or refined and cashed in and new gold used.

Sometimes the question is not whether it can be done, but if it is worth doing. Gold is always worth something, but sometimes it is not economical to break a ring down to reuse its parts when adding a manufacturing cost.

For example, a 9ct white gold ring with many very small low grade diamonds, which may be sold as is, might be more valuable than the sum of its parts. 9ct white gold can usually not be used again, and needs to be refined. Therefore in relative terms, a ring such as this is not worth the expense of remodelling. Equally, low quality, small diamonds are often not worth using in a beautiful, newly remodelled ring.

In saying that, we can and do re-use most unwanted jewellery, designing and manufacturing a new piece of jewellery that excites the client and surpasses their expectations.

What is the cost of remodelling?

The cost of remodelling varies greatly, depending on whether extra stones or gold are required, and many other factors. However, what is your old jewellery worth to you, sitting at the back of a drawer and forgotten? As mentioned, our customers have been delighted by the results of re-modelling and often wish they had done it sooner. Whatever the cost, it’s money well-spent, because second hand jewellery is under-valued and difficult to sell. Whereas re-modelling uses what you already have – which may or may not have some sentimental value – and puts the beauty and glamour back into your unloved pieces.

Do I want to re-model or re-set my jewellery?

We consider re-modelling to be slightly different from resetting. Re-modelling is taking a conglomeration of old and unwanted items of jewellery and creating something new and vibrant. People have jewellery they may have received from relatives or bought at different times in their lives, or broken pieces of jewellery that are not worth repairing as they are. Usually this assortment of bits and pieces comes together to create an amazing, original and exciting new piece of jewellery, which still contains all the original sentiment and history. The precious gems and metals are transformed into something unique. When the piece is finished, the customer can still say where each stone came from and connect to the original memories.

Re-setting refers to a ring, usually with a main central stone, which the owner would like to change. The original ring design may be too simple, too outgoing, old-fashioned or not their current style and taste. It may be a ring that has been passed down in the family, but is worn out and unable to be repaired. It is then the designer’s job to find out what the customer wants and work towards making the ring into a creation they will love.