Do I need to make an appointment to come to DDS?

Yes. We always ask and advise customers to make an appointment, so we know who is coming and so we can give you our undivided attention when you come in. We also like to ensure that the right person is here to assist you at the time of your appointment.

Where is your shop?

DDS Diamond Design Studios is a design and manufacturing studio located on a beautiful double block in residential Burnside. Our workshop is on-site and we have two showrooms where you will receive the designers’ and/or jewellers’ undivided attention.

Are your rings handmade?

Yes. The great majority of our rings are uniquely designed and hand-made at our studio workshop in Burnside, South Australia. Giving exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship, hand-making jewellery also means the gold is work-hardened and the piece will last a life time. Some of our Men’s range is also made in Australia, using the highest quality materials. These rings are spun, not cast, giving them a perfect, long-wearing finish.

Do you have sample rings to try on?

Yes. DDS has over 200 women’s rings and almost 200 men’s rings in a wide variety of designs and sizes. We are more than happy for you to come in and try them on. This allows you to understand and gauge the size of stone you are looking for and the design that best suits you/your taste and budget.

Where do you get your diamonds from?

DDS Diamond Design Studios mainly import diamonds directly from the world’s cutting factories, or source them from highly reputable Australian importers. All diamonds used by DDS have been through the stringent Kimberley Process of diamond mining control, so you can be assured our diamonds are from ethical sources.

What’s the difference between 9ct and 18ct gold?

The difference is all to do with the ratios of gold and other metals used. 18ct gold is 75% gold and the rest is non-precious metals. 9ct gold is only 37.5% gold, so the non-precious metals make up the majority of the mix. The 18ct mix is denser, so will last longer. The 9ct is about half the price as it contains ½ the amount of gold.

How long does it take to make a ring?

This depends on the complexity of the ring, but the team at DDS Diamond Design Studios estimate four to six weeks to complete from start to finish.

What are your payment options?

DDS accepts cash, electronic funds transfer, bank cheque, and credit cards. When using credit, the credit card company charges a 1.5-2% fee, which will be passed on to the customer.

Can I get Finance?

Yes. DDS offers interest free loans for a six month term. It’s easy to obtain a loan by filling out the simple application on-line with Humm 90 Finance.

What type of guarantee do you have?

The DDS guarantee is as follows: “All DDS jewellery is unconditionally guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for life and will be repaired or replaced upon assessment. Cover does not extend to loss, theft or damage by Accident, Negligence or Fair Wear and Tear. Accidental damage, loss of stones or wear and tear are not covered by the warranty, therefore we highly recommend you insure your piece so that you are covered for such events”.

Does the ring come with a Valuation Certificate?

Yes. All diamond rings from DDS Diamond Design Studios come with a complete valuation with all details, a recommended retail price and photo of the ring. This can be used as record of purchase and for insurance purposes.

What should I do about insurance?

We encourage you to insure your ring from the day you pick it up. We recommend QReport because they only do jewellery, it is worldwide cover and they are exceptionally easy to deal with. Please ask for more details when talking to someone at DDS.

Can my ring be re-sized and how long does it take?

A simple re-size can usually be done on the same day. If it’s a big change or more complex it could take a couple of days. Everything is done by our jewellers on-site, not sent away, so we are able to determine when things get done and when they are likely to be finished.

How do I clean my ring?

Use hot water, a drop of liquid soap and a fine bristled tooth brush. The top surfaces are easy to clean, but the main area to clean is the underside so the light can travel through. After brushing, rinse well with water and dry thoroughly.

How often should I clean my ring?

Clean your ring whenever it looks dirty. This may be every day, every week or every month, depending on your lifestyle.

What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is a white metal that is said to be the most expensive metal in the world. Rhodium is often placed over white gold and silver to make a whiter, more brilliant finish. As it is only plating, it is obviously very thin so it wears off over time.

How often does my ring need rhodium plating?

It depends on your lifestyle and what you do with your ring. DDS rings may need rhodium plating every 1-2 years. Because we use Palladium-rich white gold, which is whiter than other metals, the gold keeps its shine and whiteness even after the rhodium has worn off.

How long will you need my ring to get rhodium plated?

Usually it can be done on the same day. More complex pieces, e.g. two-tone rings, may take 2-3 days. Sometimes it is a longer job as it needs to be done perfectly for the rhodium to adhere well.

What can I do with my old rings?

The metal from old rings can sometimes be melted down and the gold may be used again or traded-in off the price of a new item. Diamonds may also be re-used in a new design of the customers choosing.

Do you remodel rings?

The designers at DDS love to remodel customers’ unwanted jewellery pieces - working with the customer to understand what they like and discuss what is possible - to ultimately create a new and more fitting style.

Do you do repairs?

DDS handles ring repairs and these are mostly done in-house. For this reason, the turnaround time is usually quite quick. Other jewellery repairs, such as pendants, chains and so on may also be possible, depending on the piece. We welcome you to bring your broken jewellery to our studios for our jewellers to assess and advise you on the best course of action.