Dress rings, or fashion rings, are defined as rings that are not an Engagement ring, Wedding ring or Eternity ring and are usually worn on the middle finger or the index finger. DDS loves to design and create fashion rings because of their diversity and the final Wow factor which can be gained for relatively little expense.

Any stone can be used for a fashion ring, including white or coloured diamonds and any coloured gemstones. As engagement rings are worn every day, the stones used are hard and scratch resistant, whereas fashion rings are generally worn only on special occasions. Stones such as aquamarine, tourmaline and garnets are perfect for fashion rings that are to be worn less often. For customers who may be planning to wear their ring every day, DDS advises that the stones used are from the harder category, such as diamonds and sapphires.

Dress ring designs can be just about anything, and usually the only request is that it doesn’t look like an engagement ring. The designs are often larger than an engagement ring, and feature a coloured centre stone mixed with other coloured stones and/or diamonds. A popular style of fashion ring is the coloured centre stone with diamonds all around in a cluster. This design has been around forever, but has had a big comeback since Princess Kate started wearing the sapphire and diamond cluster ring that was worn by Princess Diana. The cluster design instantly became the most wanted dress ring design in the world.

Juby and diamond dress ring or fashion ring
Diamond dress ring or fashion ring

As well as classical and vintage styles, many of the dress rings designed and made by DDS Diamond Design Studios are of a more modern, contemporary design, with a bolder and heavier look.  Large stones such as Rectangular Emerald cuts, Oval cuts or Cushion shapes are very popular as centre stones and can range from 12mm–15mm in size, and most of these are available in the diverse and beautiful colour range of semi-precious gemstones.

Popular semi-precious stones include  amethyst, a purple quartz that is found in both Africa and South America, citrine, which ranges in colour from light yellow all the way through to deep orange,  and Topaz, which these days is famous for its Blue treated colour.  Aquamarine is also very popular for those wanting a blue coloured gemstone, varying in colour from a very pale blue through to a very deep sky blue colour. 

All of these stones make a great choice for dress rings and look amazing once they are set – whether in white or yellow gold, whether with other stones or alone – because of their beautiful colours and shapes. Semi-precious gemstones are less costly than diamonds, rubies and sapphires, making dress rings fun to design and wear.

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