Princess Cut Wedding Rings


Wedding Rings - Princess Cuts

Princess Cut diamond wedding rings are usually sought after by couples who have an engagement ring with a Princess Cut diamond in the centre and/or they have smaller Princess Cut diamonds in the engagement ring band.

Available in both yellow gold and white gold, Channel set diamond wedding rings are usually the best match for couples looking for a design which uses Princess Cuts. This is where a channel is cut into a gold band and the diamonds are set into the channel. It is a seamless way of setting diamonds without gaps between them and without claws or beads, giving a sleek and sparkling finish.

DDS manufactures handmade wedding rings to any size diamond and, where a row of diamonds has been used in the shoulders of the engagement ring, will match the number, size and setting style of the diamonds in the engagement ring. This means the diamonds are generally running around the band to what is called the ‘vanishing point’. The quality grade of the diamonds used by DDS are either an “Excellent” quality grade or “Very Good” quality. The gold we use is also of the highest quality, with a high Palladium content, creating a whiter appearance and without the use of Nickel, which is often the cause of skin irritations.

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