Women’s and men’s wedding rings are one of the most special and meaningful items a couple will ever own and are a fundamental part of the wedding process. They are given to each other as a symbol of the everlasting love for one’s partner and DDS Diamond Design Studios offers the highest quality hand-made wedding rings in Adelaide. Our aim is to create pieces that will last for generations and our wedding rings are made specifically to match each individual and unique engagement ring. DDS takes wedding ring manufacture to a new level of perfection, creating exactly what the customer desires. From the elegantly simple and plain gold band to the uber-modern designs and engraved patterns, DDS Diamond Design Studios does it all.

For customers who want the highest quality rings available, we use Platinum, 18ct Yellow or Palladium-rich 18ct White Gold hand-made bands to fit all shapes and sizes. DDS rings are custom made to match your wedding ring precisely to your engagement ring. They are often set with several diamonds in the lady’s wedding ring and may be set with one or two slightly larger diamonds for the gent’s wedding ring.  Your satisfaction is paramount to us and we are dedicated to creating the most perfect wedding rings in Adelaide, using quality materials including diamonds that have been individually selected for their brilliance and fire.

DDS has won the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) award, voted the best manufacturer of custom made wedding rings in Adelaide for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Winning the national award ‘Bridal Ring Manufacturer of the Year’ in 2015 and 2016, which is presented by ABIA and judged exclusively by customers, our aim is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


The tradition of the giving of a ring can be dated back as far as the Egyptian times, around 5000 years ago, when the poor wanted to give presents to their partners. Rings were crafted out of reeds and other organic materials, woven and then dried so they became hard and quite strong. To the Egyptians, the circle was a very important symbol of eternity and immortal love with no beginning and no end, and possibly also viewed as a gateway into another realm.

Rings were later made in many different materials including wood, bone, and bronze. The very wealthy and powerful viewed these pieces as status symbols and made them out of the most precious metal, gold.

The Romans took up the tradition of ring giving and made them even more elaborate, with stones and very intricate engraving. They were given to the Roman women as a show of love, but also as a symbol of ownership. It meant that the woman was now taken and no longer available to others.

Rings in the early times were mainly given as symbols of love and friendship and were given on any occasion, but the Christian religion used the tradition of ring giving at the point of communion between a couple, the modern day marriage. The rings were engraved with symbols of the faith such as doves, crosses and flowers.

The 13th century saw yet another change, to a simpler look which possibly came around due to the need for a durable ring. The engravings of previous times were fine for occasional use, but for everyday use, the engraving would wear far too quickly.

Today women’s wedding rings come in precious metals such as gold and platinum. They are often set with diamonds or other gemstones, but there are also couples who still prefer the traditional look of a plain gold band. 


Couples have been giving each other wedding bands for thousands of years. The circular form symbolises eternal love. In older times the two rings were made to match but nowadays they often do not - as you can see in the photos below.

There may be an initial idea that it would be nice to have a pair of matching bands but there are some considerations that can make this concept difficult to execute. For example, a bride usually already has her engagement ring at the time of designing the wedding bands. She most often prefers to have a wedding band that matches her engagement ring. Many women want a band that is fine and delicate (relative to men’s rings), the same thickness as the engagement ring and usually the same width. More than 80% of the time the bride would like diamonds in her wedding band.

Couples matching wedding rings
Matching wedding rings

Men’s wedding rings on the other hand are most often seen without diamonds and are between 6 and 8mm wide. Many grooms prefer the very plain half round or flat style wedding band, but often there are some lines or a simple pattern incorporated in the design. Quite often the groom wants something specific that he has seen or visualised for a long time. He may already know the exact width and design he wants.

The expert designers at DDS are happy to guide those who are unsure but the main thing is not that the bride and grooms’ wedding rings match, but for the individuals to be extremely happy with their personal choice of ring.

Wedding Rings with diamonds

DDS Diamond Design Studios hand-craft and tailor-design wedding rings for Adelaide brides and the Australia-wide market. Most of these bespoke wedding rings are made using Round Brilliant cut diamonds, but there are many variations.

Round Brilliant Cuts

Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are still by far the most popular choice of stones for wedding rings in Adelaide and these classics come in many different styles, shapes and sizes and colours. There are three main setting styles used for round diamonds and the choice will centre around matching the setting style of the engagement ring perfectly.

Round brilliant cut diamond wedding ring with pink diamonds
Another round brilliant cut diamond wedding ring

The first and most widely used of these styles is the Share-claw set wedding ring. This is where the diamonds are the same width at the top as the gold band and the stones are held in by the claws in between the diamonds.

The second style is the Channel set wedding ring, where a gold band has a channel cut down the centre and diamonds are set into the channel.

The final setting style is the Bead set wedding ring. This style is made by drilling holes into the gold where the diamonds are to sit. The diamonds are smaller than the width of the gold band and the metal is taken out until the diamonds sit flush with the surface of the gold band, while the remaining metal is used to form beads, which hold the stones in place.

DDS is known for its high precision craftsmanship in handmade, custom made wedding rings in Adelaide. Our rings are made specifically to match each individual and unique engagement ring. When women choose or are given an engagement ring there is often little thought put into the way a wedding ring will match up against it. Our designers look at the setting style used in the engagement ring and match it exactly or as closely as possible to create a perfectly fitted wedding ring.

Princess Cut Wedding Rings 

Princess Cut diamond wedding rings are usually sought-after by couples who have an engagement ring with a Princess Cut diamond in the centre and/or they have smaller Princess Cut diamonds in the engagement ring band.

Available in both yellow gold and white gold, Channel set diamond wedding rings are usually the best match for couples looking for a design which uses Princess Cuts. This is where a channel is cut into a gold band and the diamonds are set into the channel. It is a seamless way of setting diamonds without gaps between them and without claws or beads, giving a sleek and sparkling finish.

Princess cut diamond wedding ring with ruby
Another princess cut diamond wedding ring

DDS manufactures handmade wedding rings to accommodate any diamond size and, where a row of diamonds has been used in the shoulders of the engagement ring, will match the number, size and setting style of the diamonds for the wedding ring. This means the diamonds are generally running around the band to what is called the ‘vanishing point’. The quality grade of the diamonds used by DDS are either an “Excellent” quality grade or “Very Good” quality. The gold we use is also of the highest quality, with a high Palladium content, creating a whiter appearance and without the use of Nickel, which is often the cause of skin irritations.

Fancy Cut Wedding Rings

When referring to Diamond-set wedding rings, after Round cuts, Princess cut diamond wedding rings are the most popular. Customers are usually trying to co-ordinate their wedding ring with their engagement ring, to create a Bridal Ring Set that was made to match, regardless of what diamonds are used. DDS guarantees a perfectly matched wedding ring even if you haven’t purchased your engagement ring from us. Customers who have a Princess cut diamond engagement ring may also complement it with a Baguette cut wedding ring. This will have a similar appearance given baguette diamonds also have straight sides, but will just add a point of difference, as they are elongated, not square.

Fancy cut diamonds are also an excellent option for fitted wedding rings, as the various shapes of Fancy cuts may contour around an unusual engagement ring design. Apart from the square Princess Cut and the elongated Baguette Cut, Fancy Cut diamonds include Cushion, Emerald, Marquise, Pear, Heart and more.

Fancy cut diamond wedding ring
Another princess cut diamond wedding ring

All diamonds that DDS uses are of excellent quality, using E-F colour and Vs2-Si1 clarity grade, unless otherwise directed by the customer. You can be assured of supreme quality manufacturing and a perfectly matched diamond wedding ring to enhance your precious engagement ring. 

Ring Stacking

There is a relatively new fashion trend called “Stacking”. This is where people opt not to have their rings matching at all. They actually want each ring to stand out as totally individual. For example, having a scroll-engraved wedding ring, a Marquise Cut diamond wedding ring or a four-row pavé-set diamond ring to go with a simple Solitaire diamond engagement ring can look amazing and make a real statement.    

Importantly, the metal used in our wedding rings is of the highest quality and work-hardened so, like your diamonds, it will last a lifetime. For perfectly fitted wedding rings in Adelaide using Round brilliant cut diamonds, ring DDS for an appointment to look at options and discuss details.