Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation Credits

The DDS Brand Vision

Diamond Design Studios (DDS) is one of Adelaide’s leading manufacturing jewellers, specializing in designing and creating stylish, unique, and quality engagement rings, wedding rings, and dress rings. Renowned within the jewellery industry and loved by their clients, DDS wanted a website that reflected their style and reputation.

Their previous website was a second-generation website and did fulfill some of the functional and aesthetic aspirations of the business, but it did not adequately project how DDS saw their online brand going forward, nor was it reflective of the positive experience of its customers.

Ranking & Conversion

The website was also having some trouble ranking and was not converting as well as expected. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that was used for the website had the same issues suffered by a lot of WordPress sites; namely the auto generation of many thousands of additional pages that were indexed and shown in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, an early foray into Google Ads further highlighted that the website was not converting.

Engaging Omnepresence

In order to address these branding, user conversion, search engine rankings, and additional issues, DDS engaged Omnepresence to not only design and develop the website, but to provide insight into their customer base, and create a focused content development plan.

Client Personas

Omnepresence worked with DDS and its staff to workshop user personas in order to highlight market segments. In addition, it would also provide guidance to the development of unique content that would appeal and provide answers to these potential clients. A content development plan was put in place to produce the relevant content as well as to provide buyer journeys that align with these client personas. At the same time the client personas also allowed insight into design aspects that would be suitable for the different market segments.

Exploring Web Design

The resultant concept designs for the website addressed aspects that were highlighted in the client analysis in a blend that sought to appeal to the market segment and allow for exploration and journeys through the website in a way suitable to each.

The custom website concept that was chosen by DDS, was one that was clean, light, beautiful, uncluttered, and stylish. This was in keeping with the style of their jewellery and ring designs and echoed their vision for their online brand. Imagery was chosen that was also elegant and stylish.

Website Functionality

DDS had an extensive collection of photographed past work that lent itself to being displayed via a custom jewellery picker. This would enable prospects and clients to efficiently and dynamically view the collection, via a selection of criteria.

A custom content management system (CMS) was built, together with aspects that would support the function of the CMS and the Picker, including an image slider, enquiry forms, product uploader, media library, testimonials, a blog, and much more.

The New DDS Website

The outcome was a design blend that was both elegant and stylish, reflecting Diamond Design Studio's style and reputation. The website delivers some very clever code and is both streamlined and highly functional. An advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan was also put into effect to assist DDS in reaching its audiences.



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