Cleaning your Jewellery

Cleaning your Jewellery

How do I clean my diamond rings?

Over time oils, dead skin, soap and general grime builds up on the surface of your ring. This grime sticks quite strongly to the surface and wiping with a cloth does clean a little, but more thorough cleaning is generally required.

At DDS Diamond Design Studios we have a high quality, high vibration Ultrasonic cleaner containing hot water, ammonia and detergent. We recommend that you get your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished yearly and rhodium plated as required. At this time we will check the stones to ensure they are not loose or compromised. We offer this free cleaning and safety check to our customers for life.

The method we use to clean your engagement ring is explained thus. We gently warm up your stone under hot running water. Once warmed we use a very fine bristled tooth brush, getting the bristles into any holes that contain grime. Once we have loosened any grime, the ring is put into the ultrasonic cleaner. It generally stays in there for about five minutes. The process of tooth brush and ultrasonic is repeated until all the dirt is gone.

The ring is then thoroughly cleaned and blow dried to get rid of moisture.

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