Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

The Cut grade of a diamond is an important factor when looking at stones as it determines the brightness and brilliance of a diamond. When stones are certified by a reputable company such as GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), they are given a cut grade of Good, Very Good or Excellent. The Polish and Symmetry of diamonds are also graded in the same way.

In the case of round diamonds it has been worked out that a perfect proportional cut will absorb all the light around it and is reflected back out through the top of the diamond. This is known as “Excellent” cut and gives the Round cut diamond its amazing brilliance. Whereas Poor, Fair and Good cuts mean that the diamond is either too shallow or too deep, so the light that goes into the diamond is lost out the back or the side of the stone, so the brilliance of the stone is lost.

When the perfect angles and percentages are used, the diamond will be considered an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Excellent Hearts & Arrows’ cut Diamond.

DDS almost always uses diamonds which are classified by GIA as ‘Excellent Cut’. ‘Very Good’ Cuts are used if a customer wants to maximise the mm size of their diamond at a budget.

When a stone is graded as “Triple Excellent”, meaning it has Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry, it is assured to be an incredibly bright and brilliant stone. To go into the very fine detail of exact angles and percentages is unnecessary, because GIA, the certifier, has already done that for you.

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