Diamond Colour

Diamond Colour

To understand the colour grades of diamonds is very important because it effects the overall look of the diamond a great deal. The DDS diamond buyer and highly experienced gemmologist explains….

The colour of diamonds is expressed in alphabetical order. The highest grading for colour is the letter “D”, which means it is the whitest in colour.  Sometimes diamonds are noted as D+, which means it is slightly better than D, but on the diamond certificate, D is the highest grading.

The colour grades of E and F are considered exceptional and still regarded as finest white.

The grade of G is a very good colour and still fine white. This is often used at DDS Diamond Design Studios due to its brilliance and relative affordability. The G colour grade is close to the cut-off point if you want an exceptional stone and still maximise the mm size of the diamond. Lower colours than G can start to look slightly tinted.

H colour is still considered white and near colourless and is chosen by customers who want to reduce colour to get a slightly larger diamond. I colour is considered ‘Commercial White’ and the label indicated, this grade is used in commercial, mass production jewellery items along with the J colour grading.

Colour grades from K to N are considered to be a ‘Faint Yellow’ colour as you can very easily see the yellow tint within the stone.

The next group of colours are O to R which are classified as ‘Very Light Yellow’. These stones are often used specifically because of their soft yellow colour, so are sought after to a degree.

The colours from S to Z range from ‘Light Yellow’ to ‘Light Fancy Yellow’ and start to get more expensive the lower in the alphabet you go.

After Z, the colours are called ‘Fancy Yellow’ and ‘Fancy Vivid Yellow’ which are often 3 to 4 to 10 times the price than the top white colours.

There are also different coloured diamonds, but we will explain these in the coloured Diamond section.

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