Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is a very important characteristic of diamonds. In a way, it simply states how many and what size inclusions (marks) are in the diamond.

The highest grade of diamond clarity is called “Flawless” – the diamond is internally and externally flawless. In other words there are absolutely no imperfections.

The next highest grade is “Internally Flawless”, which also means there is nothing in the diamond that can be seen with a 10x magnifying loop.

“VVS1” and “VVS2” clarity diamonds are the next level down, but still extremely difficult to see any inclusions in this grade, even with a 10x magnification loop.

“Vs1” and “Vs2” clarity diamonds are used quite readily by DDS customers who want a very high quality stone with absolutely no visible inclusions to the naked eye. With a 10x loop, only very small marks can be seen.

Si1 clarity diamonds should still be totally clean to the eye, but DDS Diamonds chooses these stones with care, making sure the inclusion or mark that can be seen with the 10x loop is in a position to the side of the diamond, so it cannot be seen at all to the naked eye.

The next level down is an Si2 clarity. These are chosen by customers who are either on a budget or prefer to maximise the size of their diamond. With this clarity, it is very important to choose a stone that is still clean to the eye with the inclusions off to the side, so the brilliance of the diamond is not effected in any way.

At DDS Diamonds our expert gemmologists select only diamonds that are perfectly clean to the eye and reflect the next highest clarity grade, but still have the lower clarity price, giving you better value for your money.

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