Diamond Size

Diamond Size

A one carat (1.00ct) in round brilliant diamond weight is equal to 1/5 or 0.02 of a gram and measures on average 6.45mm in diameter. The diameter will vary slightly due to the cut of the diamond. A stone that is very shallow will be bigger in diameter, whereas a diamond that has been cut deeply has all its weight in the underside of the stone, so the diameter will be smaller.

In the jewellery trade, carat weights are referred to as “points”. There are 100 points in a one carat (1.00ct) stone. Therefore half a carat (0.50ct) is known as a 50 pointer and a quarter of a carat (0.25ct) is known as a 25 pointer, and so on.

The Carat weight of diamonds is one of the main factors that influences the end price of a ring. Diamond prices are calculated in price per Carat. The greater the weight of the diamond, the more the diamond is worth per Carat. This is because the larger the stone, the more rare it is and that is reflected in the “per carat” price. That is to say that small diamonds under five points cost much less per carat than diamonds over one carat, and two carat stones cost more again per carat because they are still more rare.

Having a diamond that has a large face is sometimes advantageous but it should not be at the expense of the brilliance of the diamond. The brilliance occurs when the proportions of the stone are as close to the ideal cut proportions as possible. In our opinion, it is far better to have a diamond of excellent proportions which is exceptionally bright and sparkly, than a larger stone of the same weight that does not have the fire and brilliance.

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