Diamond earrings are a mainstay in most women’s jewellery collections. Solitaire diamond earrings are the “little black dress” of the collection and DDS Diamond Design Studios offer a wide range of stone sizes from 0.10ct each ear, to 1.50ct each ear. These options in size of the stone mean we can usually accommodate the desire and budget of every customer wanting simple, must-have diamond earrings.

Solitaire diamond earrings are very elegant and there are subtle design differences with regard to setting. Four-claw diamond earrings are the most preferred, as this design exposes more of the diamond and minimum metal. Six-claw diamond earrings are also popular, especially for larger stones. This style suits customers who want a more secure setting, or a design that matches their engagement ring, which may also have six claws.

Diamond hoop earrings are popular as fashion jewellery and come in a few different sizes depending on the look you are after. These are also available in the share-claw style setting – a fine look with no metal on the sides of the diamonds. Another style of setting for hoops is bead setting, where diamonds are set into the gold with claws (or beads) and there is metal showing on both sides of the diamonds. The third style is the channel set design where the diamonds are set into a channel cut out of the gold. This is a beautiful stream-lined design and can be wider overall, giving a bolder look.

When asked to incorporate coloured stones, diamond and ruby earrings or diamond and sapphire earrings are the most popular, usually alternating diamond, coloured stone, diamond, coloured stone. However, there are no rules and the combinations are endless.

DDS has a wide range of solitaire diamond earrings, with sizes ranging from 10 pointers (0.10ct) each ear, to 1.50ct each ear. With these sizes, we can usually cover the budget of every customer wanting diamond earrings in Adelaide.

If you are looking for stunning diamond earrings, whether subtle or sublime – for every-day wear or special occasions – consider DDS Diamond Design Studios to manufacture the earrings of your dreams.